Learn about the Purina Pro Club points program, redeem your points, order Starter Kits and more.
Receipt Submission
Receipt Scanning is a faster and easier way to submit your proof of purchase and receive your points and will replace the Weight Circle submission process in the future. Learn about this exciting change and see if you have early access to try it out!
Weight Circle
Earning Points

You have two easy ways to earn Purina Points. Simply collect weight circles from Purina® brand Dog Foods you have purchased and download the Weight Circle Claim Form to submit your weight circles. Or, scan or take a picture of your purchase receipts and submit them through the Pro Club website. It’s easy!

Puppy Starter Kit
Order Starter Kits
Whether for a lone pup or a litter of eight, take advantage of our Starter Kits by ordering them in advance of your (or your friend’s) next big arrival.