Dog Conditioning

Dog Conditioning

Proper conditioning can help sporting dogs stay at the top of their game, as well
as help prevent injuries both in competition and in the off-season. Learn tips and
techniques for keeping your sporting dogs in great shape year-round.

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A classic beauty, Multi-BIS/BISS GCH Sunlit’s Queen of Everything, the No. 1 Afghan Hound bitch, has exceeded breeder-owner-handler Tara M. Richardson’s dreams, most notably by winning Best of Breed at the Afghan Hound Club of Greater Columbus (Ohio) specialty show that was part of this year’s Afghan Hound World Congress.

Well-conditioned dogs capture our attention with their intensity and the ease with which they perform their sport. As they run alongside their owners training for marathons or compete in the final round of an agility championship, our canine partners amaze us with their athleticism. 

Long before fall arrives, serious sporting dog enthusiasts have been working to get their dogs ready. In reality, they never let up from conditioning/training mode, though the intensity of their day-to-day routine may relent a bit in the off-season.