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Learn the differences between heat stress and heatstroke in dogs, how to prevent overheating and why hydration is essential in the summer heat.
Placing puppies with families isn’t an exact science. Two breeders share their tips for making the best match possible between puppy and buyer. See them here.
If you’re thinking of building your own dog kennel, read these tips from the owners of Kennels in the Country, located in Sugar Valley, GA.
Socializing puppies should start early and happen consistently throughout a dog’s life. Find out more about puppy socialization here.
Kennel stress affects dogs in many ways. If steps are taken early when signs first appear, problems can be averted before they become serious. On the other hand, prolonged severe stress can compromise immune function and put an entire kennel at risk.
Spring is a great time to give your kennel a refresh. Get tips for spring cleaning your kennel, from a fresh coat of paint to caulking tubs, here.

Artificial insemination (AI) gives breeders an opportunity to breed dogs that otherwise might not be possible due to geographical location, behavior incompatibilities or other factors. A recent study examined whether antibiotics added to commercial semen extenders to increase shelf life inhibit the growth of bacteria in semen samples. 

Shimmer Ring Standard Poodle breeder Valerie Wilmot of Euless, Texas, believes in breeding dogs that are beautiful and healthy. Her dedication to the breed spans more than 25 years so when she introduced a sire to her breeding program a few years ago that was later diagnosed with Addison’s disease, she was crushed. 
Breeder Lorraine Effa of Loriben Yorkies in Abbotsford, British Columbia, practices careful breeding by studying pedigrees and putting a great deal of thought into choosing breeding partners. Not surprisingly, she had high expectations that a particularly promising 6-month-old male, Loriben's Strike Up the Band ("Archie"), could easily become a finished conformation champion.
After a package of more than 50 small firecrackers was tied around a Toy Poodle and set on fire, the tiny dog ran away frightened by the noise and stinging from the pain. With blisters covering more than half his small body, “Crackers,” as he was later named, was left lying alone, suffering for no one knows how long until a caring woman scooped him up and took him to a nearby veterinary clinic in Oklahoma City.

A healthy, active Golden Retriever who recently retired from agility competition, "Daphne," at age 8 ½, has earned many titles, including Master Agility Champion, to prove her success: MACH Pine Run A L'il Daph'll DoYa, WC, AAD, OD, ADHF, OF.

Likewise, "Trevor" is a healthy, active Golden Retriever. This 3-year-old, who is working toward becoming a Master Agility Champion, has also earned many noteworthy titles: Emberain Trevolution, PD2, CL3 [MX MXJ XF RA CGC], SPD.