Why Join Pro Club? Hero
Why Join Pro Club?

Whether you’re new to breeding and competitions or a seasoned pro, Pro Club
offers valuable rewards, support, and resources for pet enthusiasts like you.

Pro Club Member Benefits

Pro Club members benefit from a wide variety of exclusive, members-only services

Pro Club Rewards Program Earn Purina Points towards exciting Pro Club rewards like Purina food, merchandise, gift cards, and more
Downloadable Tools
Downloadable Tools Access and download valuable breed-specific content for your website, breed club, email or kennel
Publications Enjoy a complimentary subscription to Today’s Breeder magazine, and receive newsletters with the latest breed and group-specific information
Kitten & Puppy Starter Kits
Kitten & Puppy Starter Kits Pro Club members can order FREE starter kits for new pet owners. Kits include food samples and helpful information about puppy and kitten care
Helpful Resources
Helpful Resources Continue your breeder education with information about innovations in cat and dog health, nutrition and genetics
Expert Access
Expert Access Connect with our networks of exceptional dog and cat experts to help you take the next step in your pursuit of excellence
Experience a new breed of membership
Member Spotlight

Breeders, trainers, groomers and handlers appreciate the benefits of Pro Club and Purina Pro Plan
brand Dog Foods. Read their personal experiences, and share your own as a featured member.

Testimonials 1

Lynn Heidinger, Purina Consultant

"As an obedience competitor of over 40 years, the health and the nutritional needs of my dogs are of the utmost concern.  I have used Purina products for over 40 years.  I currently feed Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages Performance 30/20 Formula to all my dogs…"

Testimonial 2

Bill Eckett, Purina Elite Ambassador

"We have been feeding Pro Plan Performance at our facility over 20 years. We feel comfortable knowing Purina puts a great deal of effort and capitol in the research and development of their foods, as well as their commitment and support of our field trials."

Testimonial 3

Eileen Hackett, Purina VIP

"I like the Pro Club because it allows my puppy people an opportunity to learn about how proper nutrition will aid in their puppy's development."

Testimonial 4

Don Remien, Rising Sun Retrievers Inc.

"Anymore there are many 'premium' dog foods out there. In my opinion Purina is as good as it gets!! But it is not just great food that makes Purina leaders in the market! It is the people they have working for them and what they, thru the company, give back to the dog community!"

Weight Circle
Purina Points Redemption Tools

Earn points when you purchase Purina brand products, and redeem them for exciting Pro Club rewards like:

  • Checks good towards future purchases of Purina brand Dog Foods
  • Purina logo apparel and merchandise
  • Gift certificates for retail, restaurants and travel
  • And much more!

You have two easy ways to earn Purina Points. Simply collect weight circles from Purina® brand Dog Foods you have purchased and download the Weight Circle Claim Form to submit your weight circles. Or, scan or take a picture of your purchase receipts and submit them through the Pro Club website. It’s easy!

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Puppy Starter Kit
Puppy Starter Kits

Get your puppies off to a great start with this FREE resource available exclusively for Pro Club members.

Kitten Starter Kits
Kitten Starter Kits

Pro Club membership has its perks, including FREE Kitten Kits filled with sample bags, coupons and more.

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To get to the top, you’ve got to know where to start. That’s why Pro Club provides strong community support and
rich information to members of all experience levels, including those new to breeding, sporting, and conformation.