Carol Grossman

Carol Grossman

In 1969 with the purchase of my first Great Dane, my love affair for dogs resulted in my career direction revolving around the sport of pure bred dogs and handling.  This soon resulted in a full-time career choice.

As a Professional Handler it has been my pleasure to handle some of the finest acknowledged specimens in the Working Group in the last thirty years.  Best In Show dogs Ch. Written In The Wind Von Raesac, Ch. Longo’s Chief Joseph, Ch. Sheenwater Gamble On Me, Ch. Nelson V H Brabentpark, Ch. Powderhorn’s Mile of Wencrest, and most recently Ch. Dana’s Tallbrook Town Crier TLC.  As fulfilling as these wins were it was the thrill of showing three National Specialty Great Dane winners which allowed me the luxury of contentment in my career choice   accomplishments.

It has been my honor to judge the GDCA Futurity in 1989, the GDCA Top 20 Competition in 1993, 2003 and 2011, the DPCA Top 20 Competition in 1995, and The American Rottweiler Club Top 20 Competition in 1999.

In 2002 it was obvious that my career as a Professional Dog Handler was over and I had the good fortune and recommendations of many of my Handler friends when I applied to Nestle Purina for the position of Western Area Manager.  In June of 2002 I began this journey.

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